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      Sweet Games

      2023|Mainland,China|All 24 EPs|Romance · Story
      Viva He
      Dong Sicheng (WINWIN)
      Tan Xiaofan
      Andrew Leng
      Jin Zixuan

      The campus belle An Ran pretended to be a "winner" to gain investment, but she was exposed in front of other people. She got drunk and accidentally had a one-night love with her younger landlord Yan Yue. She found out that Yan Yue was not only the popular voice actor Hei Sha, but also was the cooperative partner of next project. However, Yan Yue never identified himself as a voice actor. An Ran’s game company got better after some ups and downs. Yan Yue accompanied and healed An Ran in the daily life, gradually they fell love in with each other. However, the sudden public crisis made them fall into a dilemma. An Ran remained the love to her game career while Yan Yue became more mature. Finally, they made their careers go further together.

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