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      Oh! My Emperor S1

      2018|Mainland,China|21 episódios|Traditional Costume · Fantasy · Romance
      Zhao Lusi
      Zhan Xiao
      R1SE-Yan Xujia\n\n
      Wang Yu
      Guo Zifan
      R1SE-Eric Xia
      Luo Feifei practiced in a hospital, and she is out of luck. With abnormal celestial phenomena, she comes to a state of Zodiac, which existed in a par-allel universe. Here, she got acquainted with the emperor Bei Tangyi, who has the same appearance with Luo’s idol, and she also knew Bec Tang Moran, who is the most handsome man in the state.With Luo’s coming broken the peaceful image of Zodiac utterly. In her next life, At the same time, she find a series of secrets on herself.

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