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      My Dearest Boss

      2022|Mainland,China|All 30 EPs|Romance · Story
      قوه جا نان
      قونغ فانغ ني
      تشن سي تشي
      تشو تشيان شياو
      Yu Xingchui, a dedicated office worker who inherited ten million inheritance houses, accidentally became a neighbor with his boss Liu Yu'an, so he began to fight with Liu Yu'an in the workplace and neighborhood life. And in the process, the couple fell in love with each other. At this time, Liu Yu'an's mother, Yang Xu, who had disappeared for many years, came to the door, and she was the one who arranged for Yu Xingchui to live in this house behind the scenes. Yang Xu told Yu Xingchui that her father jumped from the high building in charge of Liu Yuan, but left a huge shadow on Liu Yuan. Yu Xingchui, who learned the truth, understood Yang Xu's good intentions and helped Liu Yuanan out of the haze, and finally the two came together.

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