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      Love Like The Galaxy (Indonesia Audio)

      56 episódios

      Zeng Li
      Zhao Lusi
      Jeff Bao
      Li Yunrui
      Yu Chengen
      Josie Xu
      Cao Xiwen
      Shi Shi
      The daughter of the Cheng Family, Shaoshang, has been left to her grandmother by her parents due to the war. Her evil aunt wants to raise her as a good-for-nothing. Faced with many traps, Cheng Shaoshang fakes absurdity and studies hard in order to survive, covering up the sharpness and waiting for the return of her parents. But when she sees hope, it's difficult to regain the family love due to years of estrangement. Cheng Shaoshang, who lacks love, meets the new emperor's adopted son Ling Buyi, the talented Yuan Shen from White Deer Mountain, and Lou Yao, a son of a noble family, all of whom have their own advantages and disadvantages.In choosing the right person to marry, Cheng Shaoshang is both humble and pragmatic. Although she meets troubles in relationships, she never regrets every choice she makes. She is also involved in the mystery of Ling Buyi's family and birth by accident when getting along with him. In the midst of all these events, Cheng Shaoshang repeatedly achieves miraculous results and learns how to get along with her parents and how to manage her love from Ling's family relationship. At the same time, Cheng Shaoshang and Ling Buyi also grow up in these experiences, slowly reconcile with themselves and their families, and hold on to their inner justice, and work together to solve the national crisis, making a good story.

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