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      Nice To Meet You Again

      40 episodios

      Jin Dong
      Li Xiaoran
      Zhang Yu
      Yue yang
      YIYAD Zhang
      Cao Lei
      Niu Li
      Vivian Xu
      The tide of life pushes everyone forward. You can either face it head on or lie flat. This is an open-book exam with no standard answers. You can draw lessons from each other but can't cheat. Lin Shaotao and Jian Ai fell in love at first sight in college, didn't break up after graduation like most couples did, and managed to get married after years of ups and downs. Every stage of their love made people around them felt jealous. Therefore, it took Lin Shaotao by surprise that his family life broke down when he was trying to achieve a revolution in his industry in middle age. As for Jian Ai, she didn't tell anyone about her reason for the divorce. Jian Ai planned to leave Beijing for Dali. But because of her previous working experience, she was engaged by Liu Yingxia to solve the optimization crisis of VG China. Coincidentally, her ex-husband also got back to work in VG as operation manager. Their families and friends didn't want them to break up in the first place. Under this circumstance, they racked their brains and made every attempt to bring Lin and Jian together, Lin Shaotao needed to face various difficulties in the workplace, as well as deal with cooperation of Jian Ai and Liu Yingxia and tricks from his naughty friends at the same time. So, would Lin Shaotao get Jian Ai back or part from her forever? In the end, Lin Shaotao and Jian Ai, the couple who knew each other too well, came to the crossroads in their life again.

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