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      CHUANG 2021: Behind the Scenes

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      Behind the Scenes of CHUANG 2021

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      The Legend of Yang Jian

      Yang Jian incarnated as a fighter priest erupts hormones

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      Mercenary Fire to Suppress Jungle Showdown

      Fairy Tale of Love

      Petty couple, romantic love story

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      Xiangxi Legend

      Banshan and Xie Ling co-explored the Palace of Pingshan


      Novoland The Castle in the Sky·Time Reversal

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      Immortal of Mr. Gong

      Immortal of Mr. Gong


      A Journey to Tang

      The popular women's group staged the Tang Dynasty a secret show.


      The Beauty Skin

      Deep Love between human (acted by Han Dong) and ghost (acted by Yang Yuxi)