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      Never Stand Still

      2019|Mainland,China|Total 36 EP|youth · Inspiration
      Guo Zifan
      Chaoyue Yang
      Jingkang Liang
      Zhu Zijie
      Lai Meiyun
      Young man named Ping An is suffers from autism, because the sports talent revealed in his body is affirmed in the badminton so he continues to grow in cooperation with his younger brother Zi Hao. Xiao Na, a working girl in the badminton hall who has a really playful and cheerful character, is close to the two brothers and has a crush on Zi Hao . However, there is no smooth sailing on the road to growth. When the two brothers are at the fork in the career of sports, the connection between the three families emerges, a warm and healing story of conflict and redemption gradually unfolds. "Don't thanks for the sufferings, just thank you for being with me all the time."

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