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      The Hunter

      2024|Mainland,China|All 18 EPs|Crime · Police
      Zhang Songwen
      Annabel Yao
      Han Geng
      Su Xin
      Peng Yusi
      Zhu Hongjia
      Zhou Yunpeng
      Zhao Longhao

      In a calm coastal town of Sanping City, the narcotics squad accidentally seized a batch of new methamphetamine that had a rare purity in an action, so Sanping Public Security immediately launched an investigation. The transferred policewoman Zhao Younan with keen sense of smell and insight, made a target of Huang Zongwei who did the chemical business from scratch. The cunning Huang Zongwei ignited Zhao Younan's fighting spirit. She kept an eye on Huang Zongwei. No matter where Huang Zongwei was hidden, no matter how a false appearance was, she could dig up clues and found the truth without hesitation to arrest. The Public Security team led by Zhao Younan VS. the drug dealers led by Huang Zongwei. Zhao Younan went after Huang Zongwei, and Huang Zongwei was good at hiding, which staged a "game of cat and mouse"...

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