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      Don't Mess With EX-Girlfriend

      2022|Mainland,China|All 20 EPs|Romance · Story
      Zhao Qing
      Anson Chen
      Li Mingjun

      The designer An Duoduo found out that her fiance Qin Lang had been cheating on her when she was preparing for their wedding. So she caught him and his mistress Li Weiwei in bed. To her surprise, Qin Lang didn’t call off the wedding but married Li Weiwei instead. An Duoduo hired a man to be her groom and made a scene at the wedding, not knowing that the man Qin Qi was actually the head of the Qin family. Qin Qi helped An Duoduo vent her anger. But their false marriage was soon discovered by Li Weiwei who then put An Duoduo into another crisis. But An Duoduo was never one to be messed with in the first place. It is no joking when people say “don’t mess with your ex-girlfriend”. A war was about to start.

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