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      Attacking Lady

      2024|Mainland,China|All 21 EPs|Romance · Story
      Quella Sun
      Yang Chuanbei
      Jiang Xinqi
      Bu Luoyu
      Pei Zhengzheng
      Xing Luodan
      Chai Zidi
      A jewelry designer, Bai Jinse, accidentally discovered her fiance Zheng Huaichen cheated on her younger sister Bai Linlin. Bai Jinse then tracked her jerk husband to collect evidence as she met the CEO, Mo Sinian, who got stood up by his fiancee. The two people hit it off and decided to marry by contract. After marriage, Mo Sinian helped Bai Jinse get rid of her cheating fiance and go back to work. During their relationship, they also developed sincere feelings with each other.

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