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      The Unbeatable

      Han Congcong Gao Guangze Chuai Ni
      Point forward! Zhou Fei's knife is created by the essence of his parents: the mother is the blade and the scabbard is the father. In the early years, little Zhou Fei's grandfather Li Zheng was poisoned from rescuing Duan Jiuniang. The puppet emperor made a surprise attack, and the Fortress of the Forty-Eight fell. Zhou Fei's mother, Li Jinrong, was a girl at the time, and her sword arts haven’t been mature. After losing her family, she rode a horse for thousands of miles to find Liang Shao's counselor Zhou Yitang for help. Liang Shao refused, and Zhou Yitang was ambiguous. So Li Jinrong went northward alone in anger, determined to assassinate the puppet emperor. Zhou Yitang couldn't bear to see her go to death, so he abolished his martial arts, and sent troops to save the village…

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