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      Mr. Honesty

      2020|Mainland,China|All 31 EPs|Romance · urban
      Donny ZhuDirector
      NameDonny Zhu
      Date of birth1984-08-02
      Liang JieActor
      NameLiang Jie
      Date of birth1994-06-16
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      Xin Yunlai Actor
      NameXin Yunlai
      Date of birth1994-09-22
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      NameLiu Haikuan
      Date of birth1994-08-03
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      Name Luo Qiuyun
      Date of birth1997-11-09
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      The vital girl Xu Yiren broke up with her boyfriend due to the overbearing president Fang Zhiyou's pointing out her boyfriend's lie. Xu Yiren never expected she would meet again with Fang Zhiyou. But unfortunately, they meet again in the job interview. Not performing well and running into the "foe", Xu Yiren feels so upset. But unexpectedly she is admitted by Fang Zhiyou and transforms into a "lie" assistant for a "can't lie" president. With support and feeling generated, Xu Yiren builds a love bridge with white lies between Fang Zhiyou and her, and a series of unexpectedly amusing love stories also take place.

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