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      The Gravity of A Rainbow

      All 40 EPs

      Godfrey Gao Xuan Lu Zhang Liang Vivian Dawson Yue Yi'en Lin Youwei BabyZhang Denny Huang
      He Caihong, who is bent on finding a "soul mate", falls in love with Ji Huang, a young professor who is knowledgeable, romantic and shared the same interests with Caihong. However, her mother Li Mingzhu resolutely opposed it, and determined that the ideal son-in-law was Su Donglin, a family friend and childhood friend of CaiHong. With Xiafeng's unemployment, Han Qing, Caihong's best friend, joins company Xia Feng was in with the help of Caihong and is put in an important position by the boss. She becomes a strong opponent of Lili, Cai Hong's another best friend. The friendship of the three is challenged. And when Cai Hong knows the fact that she was adopted she is in a dilemma of true love and mother's will. At the end she finally chooses her soulmate Ji Huang and gets the support from her family. At the same time the friendship of the three girl is regained.

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