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      OMG Vampire (Uncut Ver.)

      2024|Tailândia|8 episódios
      Thanatsaran Samthonglai
      Longshi lee
      Thanadech Deeseesuk
      Warakorn Waruncharernthorn
      Thanakorn Kuljarassombat
      Nonpawit Lertrommayanant
      Napat Lertwiram
      Kittikawin Justice
      Ravisut Patipatvasin
      Kan Tangruek
      Sugus Buntawit Tragulpanich

      After waking from a century-long sleep, vampire Phum finds that the land of vampires has banned gen-x vampires from falling in love. The new law doesn't suit Phum and he invites his gang of close friends—Sen, Run, Mix and Jolie—to flee to the land of humans where people have more freedom. Getting there, however, won't be easy. They'll need to put their names down in the Bible of Life and take the bodies of their parallel human selves, mindful that there may be consequences.

      Phum finds himself living the life of a broken-hearted young man. Life in the land of humans is turning out to be a chaotic undertaking when he meets Patrick, the owner of a secret bar, and ends up working for him.

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