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      Stand By Me S3

      30 episodios

      Xu Xiaolu Pang Hanchen Li Ruojia Max Yu Xu Huiqiang Ding Xiangnan Alex Chen Ci Wantong Leon Li
      With the funny and interesting memories of summer vacation travel, the students started their junior life. The class teacher Feng Cuicui gave them a direct Mawei-because they are photography majors, the seniors started internships and work, which means junior year. It is the last year they stayed at school, and many people are still very confused about their future until now. After the class meeting, although everyone did not say it, they all had their own ideas in their hearts. This is destined to be an unusual junior. The subsequent re-election of the class cadres, the recruitment of the campus, the election of the president of the student union, the work of the reporters, and the one-minute video contest continued to laugh, and each made a surprise, and the result was unexpected. Feng Cuicui specially adjusted the class to fight for two weeks to shoot the internship works. Everyone had an unexpected encounter in Bucun and gained a different touch. After that, everyone participated in the last campus winter rescue meeting and ended the campus life in laughter. The painstaking efforts of the class teacher were not in vain, and the students began to try to combine their hobbies and majors and move in their own direction.

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