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      A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College (Dubbing Ver.)

      Zhao Lusi Xu Kaicheng Ren Hao Zhang Yue Ao Ruipeng Du Yu
      【This content is uploaded by users】 The only daughter of Minister Sang, Sang Qi was trapped into a bet where she had to make the First Master Yan Yun in Yan receive her pouch and the invitation to enjoy lanterns on the Lantern Festival, otherwise she would be singing on the lantern show instead of an opera lady. Sang Qi thought it is not a big deal, however she got rejected for many times. Knowing Yan Yun was teaching in the Imperial College, she decided to go in and finally got enrolled after her dad begged the emperor hard. So she became a student in the Imperial College with her childhood friend Zhuo Wenyuan and many young masters, being the one and only female student in the history of the Imperial College.

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