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      Women Wrestling

      All 27 EPs

      Chen Ziyou
      Lin Shihan
      In Song Dynasty, the market was bustling. Zhou Yao was 16 year-old, she liked to disguise herself as a man, sneaked into the largest market in the Capital City which was run by her father Zhou Zihai and had some fun. Because of the family background of her mother Liu Erniang, Zhou Yao seemed to have a special talent and interest in wrestling. However, the situation of market was complicated, with her second uncle and her father fighting for power and wealth, which cost Zhou Yao her parents' life and her home in a big fire. Then her second uncle Zhou Zishan "confiscated" all the property of Zhou's family. And her second uncle used the so-called excuse that Zhou Yao's mother used to be in a "brothel" and called her mother as a stigma for their whole family to throw her out of the house. Then something weird happened, Zhou Yao, a young lady who was obsessed with wrestling, was involved in a strange case and became the main suspect. But through relentless efforts, she found the person behind the killing and finally found her Mr. Right.

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