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      The Scale of Desire

      Mainland,China|All 40 EPs|Crime · Story
      Yu Yi
      Tong Liya
      Lynn Hung
      Zhang Xilin
      Huang Junpeng
      Qian Xiaoyun
      Xiao Jian, director of Economic Investigation Division, investigates a mysterious financial case led by financial tycoon Xu Feng and consequently finds that a transnational money-laundering group is involved. Xiao Jian gets the diary of Xu Feng by accident and finds out Xu Feng's hidden identity. Faced with a strong enemy and the pressure from his superior, Xiao Jian still investigates the case unswervingly with a strong sense of responsibility and mission. In the end, Xiao Jian finally overcomes one after another obstacle and brings the giant financial criminal organization to justice.

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