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      The Stories of Lion Rock Spirit

      All 27 EPs

      Huang Jue Myolie Wu Aarif Lee Tse Kwan Ho Karena Ng AMY Pakho Chau Kabby Xu Liang Jingkang Carlos Chan Yang Mingna Lynn Hung Nie Yuan Yvonne Yung Patrick Tam Gallen Lo
      In the 1970s, Luo Yitong, a grass-root cook of western-style food, got to know his good friends Li Gaoshan and Lao Jin in Like You Tea Restaurant and struggled together. Zhen Qianmei, a pretty Hong Kong-style housewife, Liang Huan, a new immigrant from Guangdong, and Xia Lei, a girl from Beijing, met in Hong Kong and stayed here together while brightening each other's life. These small characters and their families went through a lot, including the return of Hong Kong to China, the financial crisis, the successful bid for the 2008 Olympic Games, the SARS epidemic, the global financial tsunami... In decades of ups and downs, this drama depicts the struggles of two generations. The small tea restaurant was like a time machine. It accompanied generations of Hong Kong people to conquer adversity and embrace the light and witnessed the epoch-making changes of Hong Kong, the Pearl of the Orient - from its return, its prosperity and stability, to its integration into the Greater Bay Area for a new start.

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