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      Delicious Romance

      Actor: LiChun Zhang Hanyun WangJu ZhouChengao Liu Dongqin Ren Bin Zhang Fan
      Three urban beauties with different personalities and characteristics have experienced a series of hardships in starting a business, oppression in the workplace, and setbacks in feelings, and as time passed by they have a new understanding of life, career and love. Among them, Liu Jing (played by Li Chun) is a perfectionist food blogger who is picky about love; Fang Xin (played by Zhang Hanyun) is a divorced anchor who is troubled by love despite his outstanding appearance; Xia Meng (played by Wang Ju) is a strong career woman who puts pressure on her boyfriend because of her outstanding achievements at the workplace. Each distinctive label reflects to varying degrees the status quo of the intimate relationship between contemporary men and women.

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