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      Childhood Sweethearts Pianist

      All 28 EPs

      Alen Fang
      Joseph Wen
      Li Xiangzhe
      With great luck, Yang Chumo, who is an outgoing and optimistic girl, was admitted into the key art university, Xingchen Music College. At the same time, she met Mu Liunian there, who is the famous person of the school. She recognized that he is the little boy next door who she had been pursuing in childhood. After that, she was so happy that she played a piano music to remind him. However, Mu Liunian felt it’s too terrible to listen to. Yang Chumo’s piano skills were too bad. But Mu Liunian was so picky about music. It’s so miserable for them to get along with each other. In order to get the prize money of 10,000 yuan in the piano competition of the school, Yang Chumo, who ranked at the bottom of the class, wanted to be the partner of Mu Liunian, the piano genius. Unexpectedly, she was rejected. In order to win the heart of her childhood sweetheart back, Yang Chumo chose to express her feeling by playing the piano.

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