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      King’s Attack

      《王者出击》 is a Chinese dual-meet reality show produced by Tencent Video which is a spin-off of 《王者荣耀》. Led respectively by Angelababy, Michael Chen, Lin Chi-Ling, and Jia Ling, the four teams of Wind, Forest, Fire and Mountain will run a dual meet based on the game mode of 5V5 attrition warfare. Members of the teams include 20 celebrities such as Zhang Jike, Sha Yi, Tian Liang, Jackson Wang, Yin Zheng, Ming Xi, Johnny Huang, Wang Yanlin, Wei Daxun, Wang Bowen, Lilian Wang, Wayne Zhang, Mario Ho, Zhang Shuai, Wang Yibo and Zhang Xuefeng. The show emphasizes the "canyon socializing" and conveys the value that "everyone can be a king".