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      Dear Probationary Girlfriend

      Mainland,China|All 24 EPs|Romance · Story
      Qi Keli
      Zeng Tiantian
      This is an inspirational story between Lin Zeyan, who became sensitive and solitary after his eyes were hurt, and Xia You, a bright and positive girl who was his housekeeper. They healed each other and grew together. Lin Zeyan, who was pessimistic and reserved because of his eye disease, gradually found his passion for life and career as he was influenced by Xia You's upbeat attitude. Xia You, though with a complicated family, was dynamic all the time in the face of difficulties in life. She felt an urge to pursue her life value as she grew familiar with Lin Zeyan. There's no probation period for life so we shouldn't set limitations on our possibilities. The characters in the drama achieved self-growth and transformation after they made mistakes.

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