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      Stairway to Stardom

      2017|Mainland,China|Episod 48|Idol · Story
      Tarikh Lahir1979-03-09
      Rasi bintangPisces
      Tarikh Lahir1986-07-03
      Rasi bintangCancer
      Stairway to StardomStairway to Stardom
      Song YiPelakon
      NamaSong Yi
      Tarikh Lahir1989-10-31
      Rasi bintangScorpio
      Stairway to StardomStairway to Stardom
      Joy of Life S2Joy of Life S2
      Brilliant GirlsBrilliant Girls
      Yan XiPelakon
      NamaYan Xi
      Tarikh Lahir1996-02-17
      Rasi bintangAquarius
      Marry Me, My QueenMarry Me, My Queen
      Stairway to StardomStairway to Stardom
      About is LoveAbout is Love
      Zhong DanniPelakon
      NamaZhong Danni
      Tarikh Lahir1989-09-11
      Rasi bintangVirgo
      Stairway to StardomStairway to Stardom
      Novoland The Castle in the Sky·Time ReversalNovoland The Castle in the Sky·Time Reversal
      Love SceneryLove Scenery

      Su Cheng a kind and tenacious girl with a dream of becoming an actress in honor of her mother. She joins a talent competition with her best friend following the loss of her job an an assistant after the actress he assisted gets fired. She is signed to Star Entertainment, run by Duan Cheng Xuan, a proud and domineering man with a fear of intimacy that present itself with allergy like symptoms. Su Cheng gradually works up the entertainment industry's ladder with the help of Duan Cheng Xuan. She gradually becomes one of the most sought after actresses in the entertainment industry, but not without having to overcome many adversities. She is constantly bumping heads with Duan Cheng Xuan; her best friend, Liu Meng Tian, becomes her greatest rival; and her kindness and success is dislike by many of her colleagues.

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