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      Love For Two Lives

      2022|Mainland,China|All 32 EPs|Romance · Fantasy
      Wang Luqing
      Chang Bin
      Lin Ruixue
      Michael Ren

      After Yao Liangliang became a "two-lost youth" who was lost in love and lost her job, she accidentally opened a time crack and opened the mysterious door of a parallel universe. Yao Liangliang accidentally became the life-saving straw of the king in the parallel kingdom. When the financial fan Liangliang meets the king in distress, when modern technology and ancient civilization collide, the wonderful connection of fate in the parallel universe has achieved the romance of Yao Liangliang and the co-rental that spans time and space. The two met, supported each other, and finally fell in love. A hilarious and sweet love story.

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