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      Dusk Love

      2024|Mainland,China|All 24 EPs|Romance · Story
      Dai Gaozheng
      An Yongchang
      Wang Zexuan
      Chen Yu
      Ge Xiaoxi
      Yip Wong
      Jian Morran, the heir to Jian Corporation, intends to establish her own brand, Yunee, and strategically approaches male model Huo Jinyan to act as her boyfriend. Believing his background as an 18th-tier model makes him easy to manipulate, she is surprised when he turns the tables. Unknown to Jian Morran, Huo Jinyan is also the CEO of Vandi Corporation and has harbored a secret crush on her since their school days. Upon returning to their homeland, he gets close to Jian Morran under the guise of a model living near her home. While appearing to make things difficult for her publicly, he covertly assists her with various work matters. Jian Yicheng, Jian Morran's cousin by marriage, harbors strong feelings for her and employs all means necessary to win her affections, especially with the appearance of Huo Jinyan.

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