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      2023|Mainland,China|All 25 EPs|Romance · Story
      Li Muchen
      Zhao Yiqin
      Wang Ruolin
      In the early twentieth century, to take her revenge, Jiang Ying, the top singer in the New Fairyland of Tang City, has an elaborate plan to marry Du Jingchuang, a wealthy businessman. Du Xunyu, Du Jingchuang's son, is suspicious of Jiang Ying's ulterior motives, but his identity as the fake son is nearly exposed by Jiang Ying instead. They're against each other at every corner under the same roof, but they gradually find out that they seem to be old friends in the past. Those two avengers, who were walking alone, have become each other's guardians. Meanwhile, Du Jingchuang, their common enemy, is secretly watching all this...

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