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      Mountain Porter

      2022|Mainland,China|Fantasy · adventure · Action
      Yuan Fufu
      Viva He
      Zhou Xiaoou
      Xing Han
      Tong Lei
      Yu Xinyi
      Mountain-moving Sect is one of the four major fractions in the grave-robbing business. As a descendant of the Mountain-moving Sect, a man nicknamed Partridge Whistle lost his father fifteen years ago to a seeking journey of "Dust Bead" in a tomb. Fifteen years later, to find out about the truth of his father's death and break the thousand-year curse on his sect, Partridge Whistle and his people started a treasure hunt to find the dust bead. They went through the phantom of a sea of trees, fought off strange beasts and poisonous insects, and cracked layers of fog. The mystery of the underground palace buried in the abyss of the Bone Clan was gradually revealed in front of them.

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