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      The Eternal Love

      2017|Mainland,China|All 24 EPs|Romance · Traditional Costume
      Xing Zhaolin
      Liang Jie
      Zhong Qi
      Wang Haoge

      "The Eternal Love" is adapted from Fan Lai's super popular novel "Laugh Favourite Concubine: Sir, I wait for you to divorce with me", the story of a "dual character" Shangshu Qianjin Tan Er, accidentally met the Eight Kings of the East Yue Kingdom of the eye-catching Malian City, the two experienced twists and turns, from suspicion, temptation to trust, love, and eventually become happy friends of love. Love story. N The play is different from the previous set of Marissau, the plot of high-energy reversal does not follow the "routine" card, style of its own style, like an ancient costume idol drama "Qingliu". In the plot setting, Tan Er (Liang Jie decoration), the female lead of seemingly split personality, and the wisdom of the black male master eight Wang Ye Mo Liancheng (Xing Zhaolin decoration) sparks ceaselessly: there are happy enemies in love and killing, there are different generations of cultural collisions of laughing materials, there is a tacit agreement to deal with the storage of trust, there are palace fighting house fighting. "Overbearing president to protect you" sweet favor, please look forward to it!

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