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      Love is in the air

      Total 24 EP

      تشن يي هان
      وانغ تسي تشي
      أرشي كاو
      شيا روه يان
      In the late Ming Dynasty, the villagers of Fuze Taoyuan had a phenomenon of crops in the crops of Tianzi. They had the mysterious power to protect the people, and the turn of the century became the guardian. The older "wastewood woman" Jiang Yiyi and her first boyfriend, Chu Tianyi, have already broken off their second anniversary. On the surface, it is still difficult to live freely and freely. She and the internship guardian Fang Muye have no heart, and the two have become a happy family. The wonderful ability of Fang Muye not only adds to the fun of life, but also transforms Jiang Yiyi into a face, helping her in the workplace to further awaken her childhood inventor dream, determined to develop a machine. The arm helped the lost-armed athlete Shi Liang to return to the court. In order to make Jiang Yiyi’s ex-boyfriend change his mind, Fang Muye repeatedly reinstated the two people’s love. However, he himself accidentally became a researcher of the mad scientist Chen Peter. Jiang Yiyi also recognized true love in the process of gradually becoming independent. The two men brought the true meaning of happiness in mutual protection and dedication.

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