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      The Legend of the Condor Heroes: The Cadaverous Claws

      Actor: Kevin Yan Ruan Ju Huang Xiyan Changxi He Genden Phuntsok
      Mei Ruohua, a young girl who lived on the street, was adopted by Huang Yaoshi as an apprentice and got a new name Mei Chaofeng. She grew up studying martial arts on Taohua Island with other disciples. Gradually, Huang Yaoshi noticed that Mei Chaofeng had feelings for him, which exceeded the normal mentoring relationship. He then left the island. Two years later, he came back with his wife Feng Heng and half of the "Nine Yin Script”. Mei Chaofeng stole the scriptures angrily and defected to the desert, and got married with his senior Chen Xuanfeng. However, she was hunted down because of cultivating “Nine Yin Claw”…