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      What The Duck The Serie

      All 24 EPs

      O Puwanai Sangwan
      Liu Shiqi is a senior high school educated girl.Her family is poor from her childhood ,but she stiil does not bow to her fate.She has mastered the Chinese, English and Thai languages with her own efforts, and with the help of the airline's general manager boyfriend, she becomes a flight attendant. Because of her boyfriend's family marriage contract, Shiqi only can go to Thai Daya Airlines to pursue her dreams. Zeyu follows Shi Qi and moves to Thai Daya Airlines. In Thai Daya Airlines,Shiqi and a new stewardess who named Mengjie become good friends.Actually Mengjie choose to be a airline stewardess because of her boyfriend.But when Mengjie is helpless ,her colleague Haowen is always by her side. With many kinds of misunderstandings and coincidences, the love between these two couples has been tested again and again. Finally, Haowen confesses to Mengjie and Zeyu asks Shiqi to marry him on the plane.

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