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      Suddenly, I Miss You

      Thailand|Total 5 EP|Romance
      Maya Chanitcha Pimthong
      Boss Parinya Surakitpiboon
      Big Prachaya Surakitpiboon
      Frong Tharadol Aiamphan
      Kade Tanapol Hathaidajadussadee
      The story of four guys that stay in the same house. "Kade" the vlogger who is stylish. He's famous as a Net Idol. Frong, the nerdy who is an expert about dessert. Although his look will be shy, he's a flirty one. "Big" a hot photographer who has a warmth-hearted look. And "Boss", the artist who likes to do the garden. He is the twin of Big. These four were staying together peacefully until there was a girl who just moved to be their neighbor. All of them want to encircle that girl, so they made the rules. They will flirt with the girl one day for each of them to decide who can win her heart.

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