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      Falling in Love

      2024|Total 13 EP|Romance · Comedy
      Suppasit Jongcheveevat
      Charlotte Austin
      Warodom Khemmonta
      Kingkan Songsawang
      Pinthip Orachorn
      Tonon Wongboon
      Klao, a young man from Ban Na, has just graduated. Travel back to your hometown Klao intends to create a future by farming good breeds of cattle to sell to his uncle. and fulfill the promise he made to Thongkwao Lovers say that when they graduate, they will return to marry Thongkwao as promised. Thongkwao is the daughter of Ruby and ThongKon in the past, arrows and gold lumps have different meanings Pong Tubtim Tubtim himself has feelings for Sorn. But fate changed and Sorn chose to marry Kon and Tubtim Married Thongkon, Thongkwao's father, instead. This resentment is buried in Ruby's heart. Thongkon and Sorn then clashed Implicitly, for this reason,must hate and hate Thongkwao and has always tried to block Thongkwao's love. When all events pass Everyone fulfills their duties, creates a career, and a future according to their dreams. Klao broke down the wall of status that prevented his love with ThongkwaoEnter a wedding ceremony that unites two hearts together. Even though it's a way of life and society will change according to the times But their love and hearts are still strong, it's still the same as before. “ Mon Ruk Look Toong 2024 "

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