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      Chang'An Magical Street

      2020|Mainland,China|Total 40 EP|MysteriousFantasy
      In Zhenguan year, the human race headed by Tianxuan sect practice magic arts zealously. They are antagonistic to the alien race realm. In Luoling City, there was a street named Chang'an Magic Street, which accidentally connected two realms due to the abnormal earthquake. In order to prevent the whole Luoling City from becoming a battlefield between the two worlds, the aliens living here carefully maintain the secret that connects the two realms here while doing business in the two realms. The young man Gu Shaoning from the human race came to Chang'an Magic Street, and got acquainted with an alien living on this street. At the same time, the ordinary destiny of the young man has also undergone earth-shaking changes because of the discovery of the secret of Chang'an Magic Street.

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