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      Lady from Tang Dynasty

      All 24 EPs

      Kang Xi
      Yang Chenghan
      Xu Xiyu
      Han Jiashun
      Li Linyuan
      Bai Yingwei
      Yun Luoli, the eldest lady of the Yun family, accidentally lost her memory after waking up from a car accident, and bumped into Du Sitang, president of the Du Group, in the hospital. Yun Luoli had a familiar sense of deja vu to Du Sitang, and Du Sitang also had an inexplicable heartbeat reaction to the approaching Yun Luoli. In order to find out the whole story, Yun Luoli kept approaching and testing Du Sitang, and their feelings were also warming up as they got to know each other. But then the loss of the secret recipe from the Du family's family made Du Sitang suspect Yunluoli's strange behavior. Disappointed, Yunluoli left and decided to use the ancient winemaking techniques of the Tang Dynasty to develop the Yunjia wine industry again and create the "Datang Style Garden". In the end, the truth about the loss of the secret recipe was found out, and the two of Yundu finally reunited.

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