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      Talking Bones 2

      All 30 EPs

      Zhang Lingxin RenGao Caiyida Li Hanlin Jiang Anjing Zhao Yi
      This is a very special case section, which gathered all kinds of “unreliable” persons in the bureau, including Shang Jie—a rigorous group leader, Xia Ying—a professional medical examiner, Li Xuekai—a jack-of-all-trades trace appraiser, Song Mi—a little dull information analyst, and the second-generation rich psychological profiler Ying Ming. Through jointing work, they crack all kinds of unusual murder cases. At the first, they caught extremely vicious serial killer, who has fled more than three cities, and he kills people by making accident. The group won great fame after the case, and then, they also cracked a series of cases, which concludes the body fragment case in South Mountain Park, the odd bloody case, and they captured a couple of brother killer, both of them has strong Anti-reconnaissance consciousness.

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