Jackson's Doki Channel

Jackson's Doki Channel
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EP1: Jackson Wang faces a big challenge with post-it notes, dancing crazily in the fitness room.
EP2: Jackson Wang's reverse challenge! He confesses towards the tissue?
EP3: Jackson Wang makes sentences with three words and falls apart while challenging sexy expressions.
EP4: Jackson Wang takes a hearing test and punches the other cutely.
EP5: Jackson Wang Guess Internet Slang.
EP6: Jackson Wang's face twists due to the punishing drink in "Pass on 6" challenge.
EP7: Jackson Wang challenges Words in Line.
EP8: Another "narrow escape"! I have tried my best in drawing.
EP9: Jackson's Coffee Table Challenge! So Tortured He's Imagining Things?
EP10: Jackson Wang relaxes himself totally, having a catwalk show with a wig in the fitness room.
EP11: Jackson Wang watched his funny videos from four years ago! So embarrassing!
EP12:Jackson Wang Name Guessing Challenge! Let's see how he confess to his old team Wang Fu Jing.
EP13: Jackson Wang challenges to work out with the weird tools. He was blackmailed a huge sum of interest by his friend?
EP14: The horror box challenge! What scares Jackson Wang "out of control"?
EP15: Horror Box Challenge Part 2 is here! What Made Jackson Beg for not being Put on the Screen?
EP16: Guessing challenge by looking at pictures of lips. Jackson Wang sincerely apologized to He Jiong and Wang Kai for the wrong guesses!
EP17: Question Genius Jackson Wang: Now I know the fun of punishing others!
EP18: Jackson Wang's Childhood Memories
Side Story: Here Comes Your Genius of Drawing! This is How Jackson Sees His Fans and Himself?
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