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      Youth Should Be Early

      All 47 EPs

      Hu Yitian
      Elaine Zhong
      Hu Dandan
      An Yongchang
      Cheng Xin proposed to her boyfriend Zheng Qian at the graduation ceremony, but was unexpectedly rejected. Because Zheng Qian wanted to discuss marriage only after he got a stable career. Zheng Qian declined Cheng Xin's invitation for him to enter the Cheng Group and joined the vast army of job hunters, but was frustrated repeatedly. Cheng Xin had no choice but to forge an interview and let Zheng Qian pass the interview to successfully enter Tenda Group. The general manager of Tenda Group was Chu Yunfei, who had lost heart for Cheng Xin. Eventually, the scandal of Zheng Qian’s fraudulent resume was exposed. Then Zheng Qian resigned and left resolutely. After resigning, Zheng Qian established the "Daydream" creative studio with his buddies Kong Hao and Mo Xiaobao. With its creativity, the studio quickly gained reputation in the industry. Just when Zheng Qian was welcoming the new peak of his life, a huge crisis was also around the corner… The assets of Cheng Group were seized by the deputy Liang Uncle. At the critical moment, Zheng Qian and Chu Yunfei discarded their past grievances to support Cheng Xin together. In the end, they succeeded. The lovers Zheng Qian and Cheng Xin eventually got married.

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