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      Dance of the Phoenix

      Yang Chaoyue Xu Kaicheng FuJing Estelle Chen
      Feng Wu, a former genius girl in the Junwu Continent, was attacked by her old enemy Zuo Qingluan. Then she lost her phoenix blood and became a normal person. In order to save Feng Wu, Master Mu Jiuzhou exhausted his vitality and fell asleep. At the same time, Meng Yuan, a modern home-bound student majoring in Chinese medicine in the college, accidentally enters the world of immortals and becomes the normal Feng Wu, who has a marriage contract with the sage of the Junwu family, Jun Linyuan. In the days of living as Feng Wu, Meng Yuan uses her modern knowledge of Chinese medicine to protect her family in this different world. She hence makes many friends who are fighting together and also falls in love with Jun Linyuan. Her sweet second life with Jun Linyuan begins.

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