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      2021|Mainland,China|All 25 EPs|youth · Romance · Story
      Kuang-Chong YuDirector
      NameKuang-Chong Yu
      Date of birth1941-02-17
      Xiao YuActor
      NameXiao Yu
      Date of birth1999-11-10
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      Zhang YaoActor
      NameZhang Yao
      Date of birth1997-04-29
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      Zhou Ye Actor
      NameZhou Ye
      Date of birth1998-05-20
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      Shu YaActor
      NameShu Ya
      Date of birth1993-09-04
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      Jing Zhihui has become accustomed to paying attention to Xie Jingyuan in the hectic high school life. Xie Jingyuan is a rare top student, reserved and keeping to himself, as if he is living in another dimension. Jing Zhihui thought she knew him better than others. But every time she just started chatting up him, he walked away quickly, making her wonder that he hated her more than others. This is a perfect match that one is rude and the other is spineless. The two have never had a complete dialogue even in the same class for two years, but it doesn’t prevent Jing Zhihui from carrying a torch for him. Until he said, "I want to go to the same university with you."

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