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      Belated First Love

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      وانغ شنغ يون
      Meng Huan
      تشيو يي تشنغ
      نو مي نا
      After the 20-year-old glasses girl Hua Xiaochi failed to confess her love to Jiang Yiqi, she unexpectedly traveled to ten years later, and met Jiang Yiqi who suffered from emotional apathy and lost memory. At the engagement ceremony between Jiang Yaoqi and the Chen Xinying, the young and energetic Hua Xiaochi kicked the scumbag man aggressively and tore Chen Xinying hands! And all of this is something that 30-year-old Hua Xiaochi dare not do! The low self-esteem, cowardice, and failure in the past erased the edges and corners of 30-year-old Hua Xiaochi, and the appearance of the 20-year-old broke everything!

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