Mirror Twin Cities (Mandarin/0) 

Li Yifeng,Yukee Chen,Zheng Yecheng, Yang Zhiwen,Liu Haikuan,Ye Shengjia ,ChangLiu

Within the six realms and four seas, there exists a dreamlike paradise named Desolate Clouds. Su Mo, the new generation Sea Prince meets Bai Ying, a female disciple of the Sword Saint. The two of them unknowingly get embroiled in a generation feud and struggle of fate. In the midst of the political struggles, Su Mo painstakingly loses his loved one. He then travels the world in cultivation for a hundred years, and returns with a new-found identity as the King of Sea. Su Mo meets Bai Ying again, but due to circumstances, the lovers are unable to reunite. Bearing the burden of bringing the Merman folks back to their tribe, Su Mo embarks on a journey to resist the Cang Liu kingdom.
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Ice Fantasy Destiny (Mandarin/2017) 



The play is a fantasy story of "fantasy city", which continues to write the ups and downs of past and present life stories. In 2020, Castle, the ice king, was reincarnated as the technology company's Great Na Fengsuo (Feng Shaofeng ornament). In an accident, he opened the door to the Iceman and gradually restored his ability and memory of his previous life. At the same time, he and his beloved pear fall's reincarnation Luoluo (Zhang Yuqi ornament) also met again, thus leading to a period of previous life and this life. About the gorgeous adventure.


By recording the life turning point of three sets of people, the series shows the new job orientations and types in digital wave. These three sets of people are not only the ordinary ones among us but also the typical characters in this digital era. They seize the opportunities, break through limited choices and explore broader career direction.

Geri's Story (0) 

Monty Tiwa

Syifa Hadju,Angga Yunanda,Jennifer Coppen

Dinda got her world turned upside down after her corrupt father got detained. In the shadow of her father's crime, Dinda lost everything and got bullied. To save her skin, she swallowed her pride and asked Geri, a cold rebellious boy and her nemesis, to be her boyfriend. As Geri agrees, the chain of events that follow push them into feelings they never had before.

Novoland The Castle in the Sky·Time Reversal

You Zhiwei

Zhong Danni,Ko Chai,Wang Yuwen

After the battle of Sky City, Feng Ren declares war on the human tribe. Seeing that the human tribe has no means of retaliating, Fang Qiwu, the queen of Human tribe, tries to use a time machine device to return to the past so that she can possess the body of Nan Yinmeng, Feng Ren's beloved consort, and kill Feng Ren. However when she wakes up in another timeline, she is told that Feng Ren is dead. However, Fang Qiwu refuses to believe this and merely think this is a rumor. The body that Fang Qiwu wakes up in turns out to be Hong Luan, the top beauty of the human tribe. Ten days later, she is to marry Feng Qi, the crown prince of Yu tribe. As it is told in history that Feng Ren would play the Qin during the wedding ceremony, Fang Qiwu plans to kill Feng Ren during her wedding day. During this ten days, she is protected by a youth named Nan Feng. Fang Qiwu falls in love with Nan Feng as both share the same love for music. However on the day of the wedding ceremony, she finds out that Nan Feng's true identity is actually Feng Ren.

No.1 For You (Mandarin/0) 

Sam Lin,Yusuke,Ray Chang ,Chih Tian Shih,Richard Lee,Evan Luo,Zack,Belle Hsin

What’s the feeling of being suppressed? Zhou Shuyi knows about that well. After fifth grade, he has been suppressed by Gao Shide, falling from forever No.1 to forever No.2. Thus, after Grade 12, he thinks he doesn’t have to bear this anymore because they will go to different universities. However, future doesn’t come in his way. At university, he meets Gao Shide in the PK contest held by his favorite swimming club. Not only he fails to win in front of his secretly-loved senior but also he almost drowns himself because of cramp. What's worse is that the senior is seeing Gao Shide. He wonders why Gao Shide is everywhere?

Fighting Mr. 2nd (Mandarin/0) 

Sam Lin,Yusuke,Ray Chang ,Chih Tian Shih,Richard Lee,Evan Luo

From the campus to workplace, five years have passed, am I still that lucky dog? Everyone in "Huapan Information" today are worried a lot for their career as their company was acquired. It’s not clear that if there will be redundancy even the person in charge said the acquirer would not regroup the personnel. Worse still, it’s said that the manager in charge of integration is Mr. Zhou, who is famous for his bold and decisive working style. Zhou Shuyi glared at Gao Shide in front of him. Normally five years is enough for two boys to grow into men. But is it enough for Zhou Shuyi to think straight the young frivolous relationship? Zhou Shuyi has decided that if Gao Shide didn't care at all, he would also just give up. Unexpectedly, the two meet again five years later, and now Gao Shide is the representative of the technology company being acquired. Mr. 2nd, who was maliciously abandoned by an unscrupulous bastard, decided to counterattack. He may not be able to win him academically, but at work, he will let that bastard know what the pride of the acquirer is!

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2020-09-03 07:27:12

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Doki Rice Making | The Story of Xiao Zhanzhan's Black and White Double Evil Experiment

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ซีรี่ย์จีนฟอร์มยักษ์ Mirror Twin Cities กระจกเมืองแฝด (镜双城) หลี่อี้เฟิง เฉินอวี้ฉี

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Laputa: Castle in the Sky | 天空の城ラピュタ| 天空之城

2020-09-09 18:25:05

韓劇 [《Sweet Stranger and Me》 OST Part.7] (TheAde 디에이드) - 初雪的降落(『非常想念』第二個故事) _ 中韓字幕

2020-07-24 18:33:21

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