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Dreaming Back to the Qing Dynasty (Mandarin/2019) 

Li Landi,Wang Anyu,Xin Yunlai ,SunAnKe

A girl who was living in the 21st century got lost in the Imperial Palace and then went back to the Qing Dynasty, and entered the dangerous imperial palace involuntarily. The passionate thirteen prince, the introverted fourth prince, the ill-fated friend and the majestic Emperor Kangxi who were read in the history books. Now, they came in droves with their own joys and sorrows.
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CHUANG 2021: Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes of CHUANG 2021
BTS: Guys with long legs | CHUANG 2021Debut Clip: A New Adventure is About to Begin! | CHUANG 2021BTS: Trainees Uniform Set1 | CHUANG 2021Stills: A Sneak Peek of the Sparky Contestants | CHUANG 2021Stills: 90 trainees pattern poster | CHUANG 2021 More BTS: Is there a boy you like here? | CHUANG 2021Countdown Clip: Fight for No.1 | CHUANG 2021Trainees Group Portrait: Bus Party | CHUANG 2021Trainees Group Portrait: Funny In The Rain | CHUANG 2021Trainees Group Portrait: School Club | CHUANG 2021Trainees Group Portrait: Dance Class | CHUANG 2021Countdown Clip: No physical performance master | CHUANG 2021Countdown Clip: Freestyle communication | CHUANG 2021Adventure Island BTS EP00: The first collective material shot | CHUANG 2021BTS: Trainees Uniform Set3 | CHUANG 2021BTS: Trainees Uniform Set2 | CHUANG 2021Promo Clip: New Year greetings from trainees(Part 3) | CHUANG 2021Promo Clip: New Year greetings from trainees(Part 2) | CHUANG 2021Promo Clip: New Year greetings from trainees(Part 1) | CHUANG 2021Promo Clip: Trainees Uniform drag show awards | CHUANG 2021Trainees Group Portrait: Fun Fair | CHUANG 2021Trainees Group Portrait: Street Fitness | CHUANG 2021Trainees Group Portrait: Good Night | CHUANG 2021BTS:Zhou Shen's first dancing stage | CHUANG 2021BTS:Having a hard time communicating | CHUANG 2021BTS:Amber Liu comment on trainees dancing performance | CHUANG 2021BTS:Shao Mingming is a best communication | CHUANG 2021BTS:Zhou Zhennan share his personal opinion "How inportance of vocal in boygroup" | CHUANG 2021BTS:Zhou Shen-King of reaction | CHUANG 2021BTS:Zhou Keyu tell story of the song "Zai Mei Bian" | CHUANG 2021BTS:Wu Yuheng "I want to help build Chinese bridge of CHUANG 2021 | CHUANG 2021BTS:Zhang Teng's translation skill | CHUANG 2021BTS:Mika's amazing vocal | CHUANG 2021BTS: Amber teaching the dance | CHUANG 2021BTS: Nannan and Amber taught trainees how to breathe whille singing | CHUANG 2021BTS: Wu Yuheng showed all singing tactics on his face | CHUANG 2021BTS:A word from Lai Yaoxiang to Jing Long | CHUANG 2021Maplestory's BTS EP01: Initial impression of Team Mentor | CHUANG 2021BTS: Liu Zhang is happy with Santa and Rikimaru as his roommates | CHUANG 2021BTS: Lelush and Bo Yuan are neighbors, secret knocking signs are formed | CHUANG 2021BTS: Insights from scholars the benefits of twins room | CHUANG 2021BTS: Zhang Xingte and He Yifan fail to persuade Kazuma and Mika to exchange room | CHUANG 2021BTS: Lin Mo's breakdown, explosive hair style | CHUANG 2021BTS: Zhang Teng VS Zhang Jiayuan | CHUANG 2021BTS: What's the cause of Lin Mo's cries? | CHUANG 2021BTS: Big welcome to Mentor Zhou Shen touring the dorm | CHUANG 2021BTS: Han Peiquan's reaction prevails as long as performance goes on | CHUANG 2021BTS: Mentor Deng Chao said Lu Han is his son, Mentor Zhou Shen laughed out loud | CHUANG 2021BTS: Mentors Zhou Shen and Zhennan become portable microphone for Mentor Amber | CHUANG 2021BTS: Mentors answering between the importance of team VS individual | CHUANG 2021BTS: Hiroto-Santa take Japanese style EQ test | CHUANG 2021BTS: Zhou Keyu-Oscar praise each other | CHUANG 2021BTS: Drama of the year "Nothing but twenty" | CHUANG 2021BTS: Han Peiquan-Liu Zhang taking EQ test question | CHUANG 2021BTS: Lin Mo - Nine "The song master" | CHUANG 2021BTS: Chen Ruifeng-Gan Wangxing play "A card blowing game"| CHUANG 2021WeTV Pick-a-boo: Amu, Yuu, Lindow, and Shingo | CHUANG 2021BTS: A Class trainees practice the theme song "Chuang To Gather Go" | CHUANG 2021WeTV Pick-a-boo: Liu Zhang, Hu Yetao | CHUANG 2021WeTV Pick-a-boo: Fu Sichao | CHUANG 2021WeTV Pick-a-boo: Wu Yuheng | CHUANG 2021BTS: Liu Yu has put on weight | CHUANG 2021BTS: Nine's mother start saving money to fly to China! | CHUANG 2021BTS: Han Peiquan calling his grandmother | CHUANG 2021BTS: Mika feels very homesick | CHUANG 2021BTS: Wu Yuheng is the real Chengdu boy | CHUANG 2021BTS: Tears of happiness, Santa misses his family | CHUANG 2021WeTV Pick-a-boo: Zhou Keyu, Oscar | CHUANG 2021WeTV Pick-a-boo: Zhou Zhennan | CHUANG 2021BTS: Fashion photoshoot clip with Esquire Magazine | CHUANG 2021BTS: Mika's wild survival skills max out | CHUANG 2021BTS: Icebreaking Journey, 4 Trainees wish you good luck! | CHUANG 2021BTS: Mika and He Zhenyu the firewood duo | CHUANG 2021BTS: Caelan got new vocab words | CHUANG 2021BTS: Hu Yetao and Xie Xingyang's fashion show didn't go as planned | CHUANG 2021BTS: The end of the icebreaking game - You're the most important! | CHUANG 2021BTS: What's Santa's favourite food? is it fried pork or hamburger? | CHUANG 2021 Collapse

Nico's hottest house dance is happy in May

2019-02-18 12:54:42

To help Ono and her son reunite.

2020-07-14 07:32:29

Fan Bingbing beauty and handsome boy Nicholas Tse marry, happy

2020-07-08 07:42:58

Nan Zhu Hou Juliet's former residence finally reunited, really happy ending!

2020-08-09 07:05:27

The beauty of 1.8 meters in height jumps "all happy", looks beautiful and looks like Mengmeng Yao

2019-02-18 12:59:48

The dancer is too powerful, a dance audience hi burst, the situation is happy

2020-11-04 07:29:22

Cute purple girl park flips "all happy", beautiful dance, don't be fascinated

2019-02-18 12:46:34

This person hero saves beauty to display peerless magic, unexpectedly the beautiful woman a sword to cut the crisis, all happy!

2020-11-14 07:33:20

Big finale: Daddy's finally righting the wrongs tomorrow. The bad guys will be punished eventually.

2020-07-30 07:43:55

Wu Baisong's grandmother was found safely, Wu Baisong Jiangchen this rival finally reconciled, everyone is happy

2020-09-29 07:09:03

Cao Cao was sealed prime minister Cao Zihuan was sealed in the Lang will be happy, Cao Zijian the greatest credit without seal reward

2020-08-26 07:27:54

A little smile is very beautiful: a little network to win, Xiao Nai also won the chess game, all happy

2020-07-24 07:20:22

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