Geri's Story (0) 

Monty Tiwa

Syifa Hadju,Angga Yunanda,Jennifer Coppen

Dinda got her world turned upside down after her corrupt father got detained. In the shadow of her father's crime, Dinda lost everything and got bullied. To save her skin, she swallowed her pride and asked Geri, a cold rebellious boy and her nemesis, to be her boyfriend. As Geri agrees, the chain of events that follow push them into feelings they never had before.


By recording the life turning point of three sets of people, the series shows the new job orientations and types in digital wave. These three sets of people are not only the ordinary ones among us but also the typical characters in this digital era. They seize the opportunities, break through limited choices and explore broader career direction.

Fighting Mr. 2nd (Mandarin/0) 

Sam Lin,Yusuke,Ray Chang ,Chih Tian Shih,Richard Lee,Evan Luo

From the campus to workplace, five years have passed, am I still that lucky dog? Everyone in "Huapan Information" today are worried a lot for their career as their company was acquired. It’s not clear that if there will be redundancy even the person in charge said the acquirer would not regroup the personnel. Worse still, it’s said that the manager in charge of integration is Mr. Zhou, who is famous for his bold and decisive working style. Zhou Shuyi glared at Gao Shide in front of him. Normally five years is enough for two boys to grow into men. But is it enough for Zhou Shuyi to think straight the young frivolous relationship? Zhou Shuyi has decided that if Gao Shide didn't care at all, he would also just give up. Unexpectedly, the two meet again five years later, and now Gao Shide is the representative of the technology company being acquired. Mr. 2nd, who was maliciously abandoned by an unscrupulous bastard, decided to counterattack. He may not be able to win him academically, but at work, he will let that bastard know what the pride of the acquirer is!

No.1 For You (Mandarin/0) 

Sam Lin,Yusuke,Ray Chang ,Chih Tian Shih,Richard Lee,Evan Luo,Zack,Belle Hsin

What’s the feeling of being suppressed? Zhou Shuyi knows about that well. After fifth grade, he has been suppressed by Gao Shide, falling from forever No.1 to forever No.2. Thus, after Grade 12, he thinks he doesn’t have to bear this anymore because they will go to different universities. However, future doesn’t come in his way. At university, he meets Gao Shide in the PK contest held by his favorite swimming club. Not only he fails to win in front of his secretly-loved senior but also he almost drowns himself because of cramp. What's worse is that the senior is seeing Gao Shide. He wonders why Gao Shide is everywhere?
Mr. Fox and Miss Rose

Mr. Fox and Miss Rose (Mandarin/0) 

Donny Zhu

Zhang Yaqin,Ren Youlun,ChenXijun

"Mr. Fox and Miss Rose" is a youth fantasy romance comedy which is mainly about the urban love story of Wonder Woman and a jewelry explorer. Gao Zhenhe, a straight man, was make his living by exploring high-end gemstones. He accidentally dropped off the cliff and found a place under the cliff where a primitive tribe was located. After the female tribe leader Xingyue rescued Gao Zhenhe, she wanted Gao Zhenhe to be her man. In order to obtain the rare gems of the tribe, Gao Zhenhe pretended to marry Xingyue. After obtaining the gems, he fled back to the city and Xingyue went to the big city alone to find him and gems, which led to a series of stories.


Zan Wu

Jirayu La-ongmanee,Nara Thepnupha,Nachjaree Horvejkul,Chonnikan Netjui,Suphitcha Subannaphong

The death of one of the Newtype members leads to a quest to find the reason behind it from its 6 members Yok (Meiko-Chonnikan), Smile (Cherrean-Chonnikan), Yui (Nara) Kirin (Cat-Nardear), Minnie (Jomjam-Suphitcha), and Minor (Pahn-Darisa). Fame (Ploy-Ploypailin) decides to audition for the famous idol group "Newtype" to find the truth about the death of her sister Farn (Film-Rachanun), a former member of the group. She need to change herself from a rock girl to fit into Newtype, with the help of Kla (Best-Natthasit). Her investigation led her to witness that many members of the group have violated their own rules. This entire experience also created a conflict with her rocker boyfriend Ble (Kao-Jirayu), who does not like the fact that they are in a secret relationship. What will Fame do? And what will she choose between her relationship and finding out the truth?

Here to Heart (Mandarin/2018) 

Huang Tianren

Hans Zhang,NingChang,ChaoJing,JennyZhang

A story about eternal love. This young and immature but profound love that even a cruel breakup cannot change. They took a decade yet still cannot heal their injured hearts. Even though they have found new companions they are still unable to quell their empty and lonely hearts. Who will make the first move to lure the other back? The love between men and woman is like a war. Just a kiss, a smile or a confession and you will surrender. But he immediately announced his marriage with another woman. Is this love or revenge? Ten years ago she suddenly disappeared without a word. This caused him immense pain throughout the years so is he seeking revenge? This so-called everlasting love perhaps is really no match for the hatred that developed with the passing of time.

As Long as You Love Me (Mandarin/2019) 

Hsuan Yang

Dylan Xiong,Lai Yumeng,Dong Li

Zhou Yanzhao and Xiao Meng had loved each other for many years. Zhou Yanzhao returned to meet Xiao Meng on her 22nd birthday as agreed. But Zhou's father died unexpectedly, and Zhou Yanzhao had to take over the real estate company run by his father. Because the suspect of Zhou Yanzhao’s father’s killing was Xiao Meng's mother, the love between them was broken. Zhou Yanzhao entered the Shenghai Group, competed many times with his opponent Jiang Qingcheng and ran the company after going through all the setbacks as business crises, betrayal, failure of financing, engineering accidents, and secrets of life. As for Xiao Meng, carrying Zhou Yanzhao's misunderstanding and hatred, she never gave up. At the same time, she kept working to become a better and stronger person by helping blind kid named Tian Kong in a welfare home to regain his sight. After ups and downs, the contradictions and misunderstandings between the two gradually disappeared. Zhou Yanzhao and Zhou Xiaomeng joined hands to find out the real murderer behind the plot and also took Shenghai Group from Jiang Qingcheng back. Eventually, the two reopened the love switch in their hearts and fell in love with each other for the rest of their life.
WeTV Only

My Love From the Ocean (Mandarin/2018) 

Wu Qiang

Li Hongyi,YutongZhou

A worldwide drug poisoning incident made Qibao Kechilu accepts the commission disguised as a visiting scholar to Haiyan, which has broken the girl's peaceful life. Along with the progress of the task, the feelings of the two people are gradually heating up. However, the disappearance of Dai Xi's father, Professor Dai, exposed the identity of Chi Lu, mysterious drugs of the real formula gradually surfaced. One mystery after another is troubled by Dai Xi.
The Story of Prince WeTV Only

To Get Her (Mandarin/2019) 

Daddi Tang,Huang Riying,Lv Yunfeng,LinFengsong

"Pop idol " Tu Siyi was accidentally trapped in the game. He became a prince and debut with his excellent music talent in ancient times. In another side ,his girlfriend——Lin Zhengzheng was trying her best to finish the game task and save him. This is a happy love story about prince and his "cannon fodder " princess.
WeTV Only

Unexpected (Mandarin/2018) 



It tells the story of the cartoonist He Jie who goes through his own comic book "Crystal Love" to save his female partner's love story. As the leading lady in the comic book Crystal Love, Huang Yilin's Pei Encai is a fantasy figure, which conforms to every boy's fantasy. In comics, it is official CP with hero, Yuan Cheng, but because of the way of solving it, the rhythm of all stories is disrupted. Pei Encai began to wonder if he really loved Yuan Cheng after he had gone crazy in pursuit of the hero. After unloading the woman's aura, Pei Encai became a "female man". Instead, a series of actions surprised the princess who thought she was the source of her illness, and began to like her, and the final outcome of how people wait and see.
Master Devil SS3

The Demon Master (Mandarin/2018) 

Qin Min

Jia Zhengyu,Yu Xintian,Wen Sheng,Li Cenyi,Shi Xin

Han Qilu and Chuxia were proposing marriage, But They almost broke up because of someone who name is Li shendong. Can they bear the test of emotion and reality? How do they protect their love?

Grains of Sand in The Sea (0) 

Stanley Fernando,Wahid Setyanto

Tyas Mirasih,Bastian Steel,Andrew Andika,Faradina Tika

Betrayed by her husband and bestfriend, sadness drowns Arini. Meanwhile as a young man who loves her dearly, Radit never leaves her side. Unexpectedly David, Arini's husband, comes back and asks her for a second chance.
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