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Candle in the Tomb: the Ancient City of Jingjue (Mandarin/2016) 


Jin Dong,ChenQiaoen,DaZhao,YangYue

Candle In The Tomb: the ancient city of Jingjue is co-presented by Tencent Penguin Picture, Dream Author and Daylight Entertainment. It adapted from Tian Xia Ba Chang’s novel with the same title, and directed by Kong Sheng, Zhou You and Sun Molong. Writern by Bai Yicong, producer by Hou Hongli-ang and Fang fang. Jin Dong, Joe Chen and Zhao Da act the leading role.The story is taling about that Hu Bayi goes with Shirley Yang and Wang Pangzi hunting for the "ghost case" in the Taklimakan desert.Hu Bayi went to the mountainous areas and the countryside on the border be-tween China and Mongolia. The Sixteen Characters Yin-Yang Feng Shui Secrets is the only book with him and left in his family. He fluently recited those characters in his spare time. After joining the army in Tibet, hit by an av-alanche into a huge ditch, Hu Bayi escaped to death by the sixteen charac-ters secrets he had recited.After demobilization, Hu Bayi and his good friends Wang Pangzi joined an ar-chaeological team, which is going to Xinjiang. A group of people came to the ruins of the ancient city in the Taklimakan desert, and then entered the un-derground ghost cave, which was full of organs and traps. The mysterious ghost hole seemed to be under the control of a prophet.
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Candle in the Tomb: The Weasel Grave (Mandarin/2017) 


EthanJuan,LuluXu,HaoHao,RyanLiu,Li Muchen,TielongShang,XiaoguangHu

The Weasel Grave is the second season of the Tencent Penguin Picture web series "Candle in the Tomb".It was adapted from the novel "The Adventures of Three Tomb Raiders"of Muye Zhang.The play is co-directed by Guan Hu and Fei Zhenxiang, written by Feng Ji and Xu Su, and starred by Ruan Jingtian, Xu Lu, Hao Hao, Liu Chao and Li Yujie. It tells the story of Hu Bayi and Fa Xiaowang adventure in their ealier age, they met Hua Mei, Ding Sitian,Yan Zi and other girls, because of their curiosity, they accidentally entered the weasel grave where been called “Death gaze " and find the remain of the Japan's" water supply army ".
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Candle in the Tomb:the Wrath of Time (Mandarin/2019) 


YuemingPan,Gao Weiguang,ZhileiXin,WeiyuCao,GuansenSheng

During the period of the Republic of China, warlords were mixed up and the people were hard to live.\n Yulou Chen is the leader of unloading ridge.With the help of the warlords,Luo Lao, he went to explore the tomb of Yuan Dynasty in Xiping Mountain.They met a Taoist who can moving the mountain. However the Taoist wasn't come for the fortune,he came for a bead to break the curse. In order to get into the tomb they need to work together.

Novoland The Castle in the Sky·Time Reversal

You Zhiwei

Zhong Danni,Ko Chai,Wang Yuwen

After the battle of Sky City, Feng Ren declares war on the human tribe. Seeing that the human tribe has no means of retaliating, Fang Qiwu, the queen of Human tribe, tries to use a time machine device to return to the past so that she can possess the body of Nan Yinmeng, Feng Ren's beloved consort, and kill Feng Ren. However when she wakes up in another timeline, she is told that Feng Ren is dead. However, Fang Qiwu refuses to believe this and merely think this is a rumor. The body that Fang Qiwu wakes up in turns out to be Hong Luan, the top beauty of the human tribe. Ten days later, she is to marry Feng Qi, the crown prince of Yu tribe. As it is told in history that Feng Ren would play the Qin during the wedding ceremony, Fang Qiwu plans to kill Feng Ren during her wedding day. During this ten days, she is protected by a youth named Nan Feng. Fang Qiwu falls in love with Nan Feng as both share the same love for music. However on the day of the wedding ceremony, she finds out that Nan Feng's true identity is actually Feng Ren.

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