Novoland The Castle in the Sky·Time Reversal

You Zhiwei

Zhong Danni,Ko Chai,Wang Yuwen

After the battle of Sky City, Feng Ren declares war on the human tribe. Seeing that the human tribe has no means of retaliating, Fang Qiwu, the queen of Human tribe, tries to use a time machine device to return to the past so that she can possess the body of Nan Yinmeng, Feng Ren's beloved consort, and kill Feng Ren. However when she wakes up in another timeline, she is told that Feng Ren is dead. However, Fang Qiwu refuses to believe this and merely think this is a rumor. The body that Fang Qiwu wakes up in turns out to be Hong Luan, the top beauty of the human tribe. Ten days later, she is to marry Feng Qi, the crown prince of Yu tribe. As it is told in history that Feng Ren would play the Qin during the wedding ceremony, Fang Qiwu plans to kill Feng Ren during her wedding day. During this ten days, she is protected by a youth named Nan Feng. Fang Qiwu falls in love with Nan Feng as both share the same love for music. However on the day of the wedding ceremony, she finds out that Nan Feng's true identity is actually Feng Ren.

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2019-01-30 16:02:22


2020-09-29 14:07:30

The type of the 喵 人 人 人

2019-03-02 10:08:43

Shiba Inu 啃 啃 趴 主人 主人 主人 主人 主人 主人 主人 主人 主人 主人 主人 主人

2019-03-07 10:58:58

贱 戏 戏 戏 戏 喵 喵 喵 喵 人 人

2019-03-18 10:34:06

BGM plays the bad 喵 人 人 人 full color 喵 massage

2019-03-10 10:02:44


2019-02-22 10:49:32

It has a strong armor, bullets are not worn, and is known as the armored warrior.

2019-01-30 15:23:13

Chu Qiao Chuan: Men are easy to cheat beauty to relax vigilance, beauty was treacherous plot!

2020-11-11 07:18:15

Chu Qiao Chuan: men easy to cheat beauty relax vigilance, beauty was treacherous plot!

2020-08-01 07:16:41

Great life, the troubles of the jungle, the martial arts, the winter, what should I do?

2019-03-17 10:42:30

A revenge battle is about to be staged, when a traitor sets up and kills his own father with his bare hands!

2020-07-07 08:00:06

Bestie did not know the affair was revealed, but also perform the sister love drama, beauty a face of indifference to see her acting

2020-11-29 07:01:56

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