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      The Years You Were Late

      updated to 52
      Actor: HuangXiaoming  YinTao QinHailu CaoBingkun
      In 1985, the military medical team was ordered to rescue the third company of the railway company at the critical stage of construction. The medical group centers Molly, Zeng Buyu, Zhao Yiqin, Wen Ting and Wang Jianyun have been inseparable from the soldiers of the company. A few years later, they changed jobs and started a new life. Zeng Buyu built a house in the suburbs of Beijing. After three consecutive company leaders Mu Jianfeng and Molly reunited, their feelings warmed up. Wang Jianyun and Wen Ting also talked about marriage. However, Wen Ting found that she had hereditary mental illness and she took the initiative to leave. Mu Jianfeng is not as good as Molly, but also quietly left to go to the sea to do business, and married Zhao Yiqin. Molly is married to another woman. In 1998, in the wave of reforms, Zeng Buyu was inspired by the writer Zhou Zaipeng to transform the residence into a mountain, and the comrades occasionally came here to recall the year. In the past few years, Wang Jianyun divorced to find Wen Ting and continued the front. Mu Jianfeng divorced, but he could not be with Molly. Zhao Yiqin found a new life partner. At this time, Buyushanju is about to be eliminated in the market tide, but it always records the love and the purest emotions of these comrades for nearly half a lifetime.