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      Story of Yanxi Palace

      70 एपिसोड

      Wu Jingyan Nie Yuan Qin Lan Xu Kai CharmaineSheh
      In the six years of Qianlong reign, Wei Zhanger, a young girl, entered the Forbidden City as a palace girl in search of the truth of her eldest sister's death. After investigation, Zhang Er confirmed that the death of his sister was related to the absurd Wang Ye Hongdi, and was determined to seek justice. Empress Fucha was skilled in etiquette, worried that Zhang Luo would go astray, and tried her best to give her warmth and help. Under the careful guidance of the Queen, Wei Zhang-lu gradually grew up to be an upright and strong court woman, and put down his resentment and live earnestly. The unfortunate death of the queen caused Zhang Er to misunderstand Qianlong. They were hostile to each other and eventually understood and supported each other. With courage, agile mind and broad mind, Zhang Er resolved the difficulties of the court and eventually became the imperial concubine who assisted the prosperity of Qianlong.

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