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      Moonshine and Valentine


      Victoria Song Johnny Huang Xu Kaicheng ShenLi Jiang Qilin YongxiLiu JiamingLi BabyZhang FangyiXu
      An intern reporter, Guan Pi Pi, received a special task that was related to her job. She need to interviewed Helan Jing Ting, an antiquities expert. This mysterious "jade study master" has never been shown before.In order to overcome him, Pippi tried hard. She was shocked by his fantastic habits. He eats flowers, loves moonlight baths, is blind during the day, has excellent night vision, and has only three heartbeats per minute. He also claims to be an alien, silicon-based organism different from Earth's carbon-based life. Pipi thought she had been teased and quite the task.Pipi feels abandoned by the whole world after her boyfriend and best friend betrays her. Only Helan has been around her, giving her warmth. Pipi begins to learn about the outer world of Helan. After many twists and turns, the two men finally broke through the shackles of fate and came together. However, the internal battles of Helan's planet soon reached two people. In order to protect each other, the two people are eager to give everything to themselves.

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      Yang Zixiao Zhan performs youth in screen for the first time

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      The professor goes back to campus as a student.


      Fortune girl transmutation capture president's heart

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      updated to 7

      Galaxy adventure, bloody battle on debris!


      The clever girl saves the cold faced emperor.

      WeTV Only

      "Dream-catching drummer " Shi Zixun is full of charm.